Coffee. I need coffee.

In particular, I need blueberry coffee. Yes, please. Right now.

blueberry coffee chat

Ok, now that I have that within arm’s reach, let’s hang out! It’s been awhile for a coffee chat, and I felt like I just needed to sit down and talk :).

First, I need to tell you that I won’t be posting next week and it feels good! We are going to be busy – and I am taking a week off. I need a little hiatus, and so I will plan on seeing you back on August 18th.

Second, I have an awesome job change coming up in September! I’ll tell you more about it later – but I am excited for new things – and learning new things – and everything NEW! I guess sometimes in life, we need something to change up our “norm”. My new job will be in addition to my design work, but still in the blogging world – stay tuned!

This week three of my friends are all moving. And I’ve had to say goodbye three times. I hate it.

I made this peach dump cake this week and it was amazing. Add it to your your repertoire.

What else do I need to just say? Oh, that I am seriously mulling over some good thoughts this week. Here are some quotes I can’t get out of my head:

Be more than your body. Achieving your fitness goals is great but be more than that. Be spiritual, be well read, think independently, be informed on what’s going on in the world. So many people get consumed with their diet and workouts that they become one dimensional and oh so very boring. Sean Lowe

Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life. Robin Sharma

My newest mission in my life is to “know my body”. I became aware recently that I’ve never tracked how my body responds to different things. Maybe I’m just completely clueless – but I have started a three month plan to figure out myself. More posts later about this when I figure out some tips.

You should also listen to this song on repeat.

I am researching sea salt sprays. I am not going to pay for the Bumble and Bumble – yet. But, need some real-life reviews. Please share your favorites!

Here’s a tip for when you order at a Mexican restaurant (Monterrey’s, San Jose’s, Casa Linda, etc.). Order Bean Dip. You heard me right. Bean dip is not-well-known item that is basically refried beans covered in gooey queso. Yes, it’s amazing. Little tip of the day :).

The highlight of my day today will be when I take my Turkish friend to our Middle Eastern market. Falafel, Feta, and all things Turkish – here I come!

I want fall to come just for this reason:



Well, this has become a random list of my favorites. I am going to sign off, and hope your next week is fabulous! See you soon, friends!

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