It’s been awhile since I’ve written a Friday Favorites post! (You can see all of my Favorite Things posts here.) This week I have a list of random things that I love – enjoy!
little black dress jewelry

Favorite Organizer

I bought this Little Black Dress Jewelry Hanger this week and LOVE it. About three years ago our house was broken into and the thief just took my entire jewelry box and all it’s contents. Yeah, it was pretty tragic. I have slowly been re-building my jewelry collection, but hadn’t figured out a new jewelry system yet. This keeps all my jewelry in my closet (which I love for security purposes), and all in place. I can also see everything with one glance so I don’t miss my favorite pieces. It’s HUGE, and is exactly what I needed. I love it so much!

mediterranean pasta

Favorite Recipe

I made this Mediterranean Pasta last night and it was AMAZING. I had never done a balsamic reduction before, and TOTALLY recommend this recipe. I skipped the artichokes and zuchinni, and added extra peppers and shredded chicken. I am super impressed with this recipe.


Favorite Mascara

I am slowly going back through all my old posts and adding pin-able images. Bloggers know how important this is – and also how much work it is! Here is a favorite post of mine – about my all-time favorite mascara! Check it out!

chipotle kids

Favorite Menu Item

Remember my restaurant tips post about eating healthily when you eat out? Well here’s another tip. When we eat at Chipotle, I love their KID’S Taco Kit! It’s such a great meal. You get two tacos with 3-4 fillings, a super cute tiny bag of chips and a drink. I love it because I don’t need to eat that much – and this is the perfect size. And, I just love the cute bag of chips.


Favorite Blog Theme

I just want to showcase one of our gorgeous blog themes over at The Design Consortium – The It’s a Bombshell WordPress theme! This theme is super cute, and comes with a customizable background and a custom header with your blog title on it. It’s only $29.99 and for another $10, you can customize the colors of the header. See all our cheap blog themes (for Blogger and WordPress!) here!

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