frozen mint oreos

  1. You need to change the way you eat your oreos.  One day I met the Nabisco man in Publix.  Seriously.  He was stocking shelves and we started talking.  He told me the secret recipe to the BEST oreos ever.  Buy Mint Oreos.  Freeze them.  They are like ice cream sandwiches!  Frozen Mint Oreos – try it! **Update – they are a little softer if you just refrigerate them.**
  2. Remember that I LOVE Vitacost and LOVE Alba Sunless Tanner?  Well, this girl did a 3 day experiment only tanning one leg with Alba.  READ it!  It is an awesome review – and another blog loving Vitacost and Alba!
  3. I replaced my broken slow cooker!  I knew I wanted the Crock Pot brand.  And I wanted my favorite button set-up.  And I wanted a new snazzy clip-on lid.  I absolutely LOVE this one – and it’s cooking shredded chicken at home for me as we speak!
  4. My husband and I have been kind of convicted about our lazy attitude towards recycling.  We aren’t super-duper green enthusiasts, but we do love this earth and are supposed to be good stewards of it.  We looked a little closer at America’s percentages of recylce vs. waste vs. waste used for energy.  The stats are SHOCKING.  Enough to make us re-evaluate what we are doing!  Any good home tips for implementing a recycling system?
  5. I don’t love all summer TV.  But I love MasterChef.  If you need a good cooking show to inspire you – this is it!