I have decided to try adding random tips to a new series: Ginny’s Everyday Tips.  This way I can keep organize and serialize all the random nuggets of wisdom swirling around in my head :).

I have spent some time lately trying to make everything accessible and find-able on this blog.  Please let me know if you can maneuver the posts more easily – and if the re-organization is helping.  Here is my first nugget of wisdom:
This is tip straight from the Nabisco man in Public aisle G.  If you work for Nabisco, please tell your boss that this man has made a lasting impression – thank you random Nabisco man!

If you start freezing your mint oreos, you will never go back :).  We have actually started putting them in the fridge instead because they aren’t so break-your-tooth hard.  But either way, they are like mini ice cream sandwiches :).  Any other oreo tips?  Pass them along!

mint oreos