This is a great week to be a baby-name lover.



I have been watching the news for weeks for news of the Royal baby and the revealed name.  On Monday, my mother texted and said “Did you see Kate had her baby?”  I SCREAMED because I was so tied up at work that I didn’t even KNOW it had happened!  I proceeded to run to my computer and read every single  news report I could find.  Beautiful baby – but no name.

Then on Tuesday, my husband pulled up the YouTube video of William and Kate leaving the hospital.  I hadn’t had time to see that either.  So I RAN into the other room to keep the surprise from being spoiled – and proceeded to watch the video on my laptop.  (I know, not rational.)  I loved the interview with William and Kate.  I mean, isn’t William’s response precious?

“It’s the first time we’ve seen him, really we haven’t had a proper chance to catch up.” {via}

And then on Wednesday, I was on top of my game and saw this:



And, like the whole world, I am in love with this baby!  I didn’t prefer George for the first name, but I am now realizing that it has become more of a modern name and more on trend.  I love Alexander and Louis – and love that Kate and William broke tradition with both the names and number of names.  My favorite comment about the names is this:

“Don’t read into [the names] too much,” another source close to the Duke and Duchess told Us Weekly, although many previous royals from several centuries have all been named George, Alexander, and Louis. “They are not meant to be symbolic; they are just names the couple like.” {via}

I have been thinking more about baby names this week (that’s a lie – I think about them all the time!), and realize the importance of Royal Names.  Once I heard someone say, “Give your baby a royal name – so they could become President or King with their name.”  Interesting thought.  I do think not all names would make a good king.  Or President.  Or CEO.  Food for thought.  If you need more royal ideas for your baby names – here is my favorite list made by Nameberry:

Royal Baby Names

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