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12 days of christmas - 9During this time of giving and getting all these material things – I am very aware of our brothers and sisters in other countries who wake up not even knowing if they will have clean water.  We are very blessed to live in a country where we never struggle to fulfill our basic needs – yet in so many countries, people worry about things we take for granted every day.

I am highlighting two of my favorite organizations – and pray that you read all about the blessings these groups provide to children of third world countries.  Please pray this season that you find some way to give of yourself – and consider these giving back and compassion opportunities.  God bless you all!

1.  One of my favorite organizations is Compassion International.  I first heard of this group at a Matthew Smith concert – and since the purpose of this group has really touched me.

A few years ago my husband and I went to Uganda as part of a medical mission trip.  I saw firsthand the struggle that so many children have – just to have clean water, get an education and work and provide for their family.  I got to know a boy – and determined to sponsor him in his schooling.  After a lot of petitioning and crying, it was determined that I would not be able to sponsor him – and that he had to go through the local system to get help.  I was heart-broken.  Compassion International

It is because of him, that I have determined to sponsor a child through Compassion.  I have sponsored a sweet boy in Africa for almost a year now – and we write notes and he draws me pictures.  Even more, I know he is cared for, has food to eat, and will get a quality education.

It is only $38 a month to sponsor a child.  This is less than your gym membership!  Please consider sponsoring a child – and forever changing his or her life.  Read more here and see which children need your help here.  Watch their Youtube channel here!

2.  My second favorite organization is Amazima Ministries.  If you have read the book Kisses From Katie, you know what I am talking about.  (BTW, buy that book right now – it will change your life.)

kisses from katie Amazima Ministries is a ministry started by Katie Davis – providing for and feeding the children of Uganda.  Her story is one of selfless love and devotion to the Lord’s calling, and her ministry depends of support from us back in the States.  You can sponsor a child for $25 a month, and support in so many other ways!  Her Amazima store sells jewelry made by Ugandan women.  Please check out the store – it is amazing and the jewelry make beautiful gifts!  Watch this video – and see what an AMAZING girl this is!

Consider giving to Amazima this season – it will be the most wonderful gift you give all year!

amazima ministries