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Google Analytics for bloggers

I am a sucker for a good Google Analytics post! This post will show bloggers specifically how to track their sponsor analytics – but anyone can use these instructions to track any link. It’s super simple!

To set up and begin using Google Analytics, see this post. To download my free custom blog Google Analytics dashboard, click here.

I also did a whole series called Google SEO and All That Jazz! See it here:

Anyway, with Google Analytics Campaign Tracking, you can track the analytics for any link.  And, I am going to show you how to use this specifically for tracking Blog Sponors! PLEASE share and pin this post – I want bloggers to know about it far and wide! PIN HERE.

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ONE // Click this link to build your custom Campaign URL.

TWO // Complete the form based on the link you are tracking.  Note: in my example, I am pretending to track blog button for a fake blog sponsor “Best Blog”. I entered my own URL under “Step 1” so this custom URL will redirect to me. You can enter any URL in “Step 1”, but I just wanted to have this URL point to me

THREE // Copy that bottom URL that it created for you – the one that is really long!  THAT is your custom URL for that specific sponsorship.

FOUR // Log into your sponsor provider – where you purchase blog sponsorship. Most blogs use Passionfruit Ads. Enter that custom URL for the link for your button you are submitting. Finish checking out with Passionfruit.

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Now that blog sponsor button will redirect to your URL, but have custom tracking. Does that make sense?

FIVE // Now log into your Google Analytics and on the left side click “Acquisition” and the “Campaigns”. Your custom campaign URLs will AUTOMATICALLY show up here every time someone clicks on them. They will be listed by the “Campaign Name” you set for them up above.

SIX // Want to make this even EASIER?  Use a dashboard that automatically tallies up all your campaign stats!  Fortunately, for you, I have made you one – and it will blow your mind!  This is what you get with my “Blog Campaign Dashboard”:

  • A Campaign Visits Graph
  • Campaign Visits and their Pages/Visit
  • Campaign Visits and their Bounce Rate
  • Campaign Visits and their % New Visits
  • Campaign Visits and their Average Visit Duration
  • Campaign Visits and their Adsense Revenue

All you need to do is download this dashboard by clicking the link below.  It will AUTOMATICALLY download to your Google Analytics and AUTOMATICALLY populate with your campaign stats.  GENIUS.

Want to get my other “Blog Monthly Stats Dashboard?  Click here!



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