Today marks the second year of this little blog being on the interwebs! This past year has been monumental in the life of this blog. It has grown a little bit, but has been, in essence, as year of re-centering – figuring out my blog priorities.

Do you remember my State of the Blog Address? That post has been life-changing – letting A Modern Commonplace Book focus on what I love. I don’t really love a lot of the “bloggy” trends that are going around, but have focused on the things I love: blog design, tips and tricks and favorite things.

Lately, I have spent time reorganizing the posts on this blog so readers can peruse more efficiently – I want older posts to serve as resources, not just get lost! Check out the categories in the sidebar of all my favorite things to write about!

Mostly, though, I really love the readers of this blog. I don’t know how many faithful readers I actually have, but every now and then I receive a note or comment that makes me remember why I love blogging. If you are not a blogger, you have no idea how much one sweet comment can mean to someone who spends a lot of time worrying “do people love my blog?”

I hope I never forget to thank you for reading this blog! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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