This Friday could not have come sooner. I have a big weekend coming up with graduations and Mother’s Day – let the festivities begin!

  • Because of my obsession with Pinterest Told Me To, I have blindly followed Sheaffer’s advice that Redken’s All Soft shampoo is the only shampoo worth using. Ever. I am so devoted to my hair (I’m really not normally this way!) that I bought the teeny tiny sample sizes at Ulta last Saturday. And yes, it is quite miraculous. Scheaffer, what have you done? I am not ready lay down the money for this stuff, but am torn. What’s a girl to do? I need an entire fund for “Because Pinterest Told Me To Told Me To.”
  • This is my face when I have to make decisions that involve money I don’t have.
  • This is my favorite slow cooker in the world that just broke. I need a new one by Sunday for my Mother’s Day Brunch. I think I need some free money! Haha – see how many internal links I just fit in?
  • My amaryllis is blooming! I am so excited that I haven’t killed it already. I became obsessed with amaryllises (sp?) when I was a girl who wanted to be Linnea. If you have a daughter, tell her to fall in love with these books!
  • I want to paint a house.