So it is Friday.

And I am grateful.

This week has been productive – but I have been struggling with the lack of “excitement” right now. I have been so “good” with my daily priorities – my Bible-reading, working-out, logging calories on Lose-It, and Blogging – yet I feel very unsatisfied. Anyone else feel like this? Anyway, I am going to work on finding five things that set apart this week :).
Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 10.07.17 AM
1. In light of what I said above – I am using this Monthly Goal Tracker template created by My Love for Words Blog! I really love it, and it has worked for my daily reminder to get things done! I keep it on my fridge – and am so thankful for it! Thank you! You can download it here!
2. I was in Target yesterday, and was really drawn to these sweet flats! I know camo is super in (You would know this too if you read Pinterest Told Me To as religiously as I do 🙂 ), and I don’t consider myself a “camo girl” (whatever that is), but I REALLY love these!
3. Along the same vein, I want my WHOLE house to be full of these TEXTURES! I am a texture girl – and pretty much Target was speaking my language. What do you say about funding my house makeover? Haha.
4. Remember my search for the PERFECT nude heel? Well, I found them! I bought these recently at Belk, and really love them! I need to amend my previous post, because these by Unlisted / Kenneth Cole really take the cake. They are incredibly comfortable and are namebrand – in my price point! I am sorry for the fuzzy photo!

(Oh, and if you notice that toe cushion I place in my shoe – you can get them here! I LOVE these by Foot Petals, and put them in all my heels. I like them in the toe of the shoe, because they keep my toes from sliding! 

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 10.23.39 AM

5. I absolutely LOVE this verse drawn by Niki Shirkman. This verse is currently ruminating in my brain. AMEN!
So, maybe my week wasn’t as lack-luster as I had imagined. I hope your weekend is beautiful!

Much love,