It is hard to have a joyful day when so much of America is hurting.  My good friend lives in Boston, and I have been in contact with her.  I am praying the manhunt ends soon!  My prayers are with everyone who has been affected by this.

  1. Guess what was on sale at Kroger?  And guess who’s happy?!?
  2. Last weekend my husband and I went to a wedding in Johnson City, TN and stayed at the Carnegie Hotel.  It was divine!  There are REAL sleigh beds in the rooms.  We were spoiled.
  3. I tried making beachy waves a new way – and they worked!  I mostly copied this tutorial from Maskcara and love the results!  I make my own sea salt spray anyway (will share my recipe soon!) and use my favorite little pins ever:
  4. Goody Spin Pins (linked below) are amazing for long hair.  I use them weekly – you should try them out.  I buy them at Target or the drug store.  It is funny because my husband saw a commercial for them, and totally out of character, he just up and bought them for me.  I love them (and him!)
  5. You must thing I am obsessed with pizza – well, maybe I am.  This was dinner on Tuesday, and it was good!  You can find my favorite pizza crust recipe here!