I know it has been summer for months now.  There are clues all around me.  (I live in the South, so I can’t ignore it even if I tried).  I know.  But, I don’t feel summery at all.  It rained here for 25 days straight.  Maybe that’s why.  Or maybe it is because I haven’t worn a swimsuit yet.  Or maybe it is because I haven’t been on any vacations.

Whatever.  It is time for me to kick things in gear.  Seriously.  We are heading to the beach in two weeks.  I have to get on the ball!  Things just got real this week for me.

  1. I have talked about a LOT of tanning ideas on this blog – but currently Jergens Natural Glow Firming is my fave.  It is so EASY that I can do it at night, in the morning, in the middle of the day – no big deal.  I don’t have to have my massive shower/exfoliate session at night.  And, it smells so good, that my husband ASKS me to wear it.  No joke.
  2. Jillian came back out.  I love her!  I love her at night now – right before bed.
  3. My new routine is a nice manicure with OPI Sweet Heart on Sunday mornings, while I have a slow sweet morning.  I wake up early and get to splurge before church.  Three weeks in a row makes it a habit, right?
  4. Fruit bowl.  All the time.
  5. My favorite scrub is back in rotation – to smooth out that summer skin!

Any other ideas?  I NEED THEM!  Have a high five for Friday!