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Please just let me escape here!

It is November.  How did that happen?  I am normally over the moon about Winter, Christmas, Holidays & December.  But, this year I am really not ready.  My Novembers and Decembers are usually VERY FULL and this year just thinking about all of it is getting me overwhelmed!  I am determining right now to SIMPLIFY everything possible.  EVERYTHING.  Who is with me?

Here are some of my thoughts:

BLOG // One reason I am a little overwhelmed, is because I am seeing crazy Blog Christmas traditions floating everywhere – parties, series, giveaways, “the” events of the season, and I don’t even know where to start.  This is my first blog Christmas, so excuse me if I completely disappear :).  Well, I won’t disappear, but if you have a Blog Christmas tradition that is vital this season, let me know!  Chances are, I will be your baby this season – and only yours!  So, let me know!Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 12.09.56 PM

GIFTS // I haven’t even THOUGHT about gifts yet.  Pretty soon I will need to either A) Get everyone the perfect gift that blows peoples minds OR B) Just buy something.  I will probably opt for #2, so this is why I love using Amazon Wishlists.  Last year I got the whole family circulating those lists and in one night I bought everyone’s gift.  Done.  I TOTALLY recommend this approach :).

EVENTS // I have my birthday, anniversary and Christmas in December.  This does make it the most special month, but add that to Christmas parties, concerts, family dinners, (and several weddings this year), and I am one busy lady.  I am experimenting with ONE schedule/calendar and will post about it later.  I don’t like a separate Christmas/December planner, so I will let you know my plan!

MUSIC // If you are like me and start listening to Christmas music in November, here are some of my favorite Christmas tunes.  I love to be surrounded by familiar melodies – and to pause and enjoy the beauty of pre-Christmas!

PREPARING MY MIND // Unless my mind is calm and prepared for the true meaning of Christmas, this season will just be a mad chaotic mess.  I have heard a lot about the devotional Wife After God, and I am interested in starting something new for this season.  It isn’t a Christmas devotional, but anything that re-directs my mind towards Christ is perfect for this busy season.  It is written by The Unveiled Wife (read more here!)

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 12.04.44 PMIt is so appropriate that today I introduce you to someone whose blog has brought me so much joy!


Danielle over at This Life I Live has a blog full of joy, family love, spiritual devotion and cultural excursions!  She and her husband have two beautiful daughters (you can read their adoption story here) and have recently moved to Bangkok.  I love her funny stories and honest thoughts.  Some favorite posts are her Thoughts on Biblical Community and Learning to Hope when your Heart is Broken.  This is THE blog to read for daily encouragement and joy.

Here are some of her thoughts:

I began blogging to chronicle our adoption journey about 5 years ago. Since then, I have continued writing at This Life I Live to chronicle our daily lives and encourage women to grow in their faith. This Life I Live is a little bit of everything! Family, adoption, faith, and the occasional post about Carrie Underwood or the Voice!

I love blogging about faith. My heart is for encouraging others where they are, to love Jesus more fully. It is not all I write about, but it is what I love the most!


Follow her here!