I finished my month of no sugar! I wrote about it in the beginning of April – and am so happy to be done. I definitely did not do it perfectly – and really struggled with it. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • I decided to have a “No Dessert Challenge” rather than a “No Sugar Challange” because I don’t really struggle with sugar elsewhere. Dessert is what gets me every time.
  • I struggled the most on the weekends.
  • I ate dessert socially, but not at home.
  • I lost about 2.5 pounds. That is less than I wanted, but I blame it on all the salty foods I ate to counterbalance my urges!
  • Because I ate some desserts through the month, I really don’t have any huge urges now. I have already been pretty balanced coming out of April and I am surprised.
  • I learned to have FUN no-sugar options available so I am drawn to eating healthy things. I found myself buying healthy “splurges” that really helped me when I was desperate for chocolate. Here are some of my favorite no-sugar options that got me through!



Click Here for the Souffle Recipe



Click Here for the No-Bake Bites Recipe

Snacks 2 



Lunch 1 
Here is how I make my shredded chicken!  |  Trader Joe’s Healthy 8
Lunch 2

 My favorite salsa – and the only thing I buy at Walmart!  |  Click Here for the Mexican Quinoa Recipe




how to live without sugar

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