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The history of my eyebrows goes like this:

1983 – eyebrows born

1997 – eyebrows prove they are big and bushy

1997 – eyebrows get whacked (er…plucked)

2008 – eyebrows have been plucked every day for 11 years.  That’s 4015 days.

2010 – eyebrows get a complete makeover and become JLo’s eyebrows

I know that’s not very exciting – but to recap: I have very bushy eyebrows. I have to pluck them daily. Yes, daily. (plucking tip: pluck eyebrows before you wash your face – your skin is more oily and the hairs don’t break as easily) For so long I just plucked and didn’t even think about shaping my eyebrows.

Then I happened upon the blog world. Where every beauty blogger was saying, “You have to have perfect eyebrows!  They make your face look polished!  Never leave the house without your eyebrows!”  (Which I agree with)

And then: “Never shape your own eyebrows!  Only let a pro do it!”

Now, I don’t really buy into the “only let a pro do it” mentality in life [read: I want to become the pro to do it] so I decided to shape my own eyebrows. You would think this is an easy thing. But, it’s not. So, that is why they tell you to only let a pro do it.

This is the photo history of my eyebrows:

shape your own eyebrows

Um, those are some big photos of my face. Ok, so…

How to shape your own eyebrows

Determine Shape and Size

I realized that I didn’t know the SHAPE and SIZE that “correct” eyebrows needed to be. I needed first to find the right shape and size – and then create a stencil for my face.

To find a correct shape for me, I printed off a lot of eyebrow shapes from this website and held them up to my face. I realized (as I’ve always known), that my face is the same as JLo’s. Just kidding.  But, I knew wanted her eyebrows.

After I printed off and played around with dozens of shapes, I decided on JLo’s shape and found a straight-facing photo of her eyebrow.  Creepy, I know.  I saved this on my computer – as it wasn’t quite the right size.  I didn’t know how to determine the right size, so this eyebrow pin came in handy:


I enlarged JLo’s eyebrow to span the width of my eye (lining up the points in the picture above). When I made the eyebrow the right size, I printed it off and made a stencil.

Make a Stencil

When I had gotten the eyebrow (printed on regular paper) to the right size, I cropped it into a little rectangle. I covered in either scotch tape or laminate (I did both – I ended up making multiple stencils) so it was stiff and I took a razor blade and cut out the eyebrow shape, leaving the paper in a stencil form. I kept the inside shape as well – and used them for two different things. I only made one of these at a time because I wanted both eyebrows to be shaped from the same mold.

To begin using the stencil, I held up the inside part of the stencil and plucked everything around it. I was very careful – not plucking the top hairs too much, but realizing I needed to pluck a lot on the bottom. I kept checking in the mirror to make sure I wasn’t going overboard. I did this on both brows – and realized that they were now in the right shape – but way too short.  Apparently I had had too short of eyebrows for years – never knew til now!  I knew I needed to take a few months and use the stencil to allow my brows to grow into the right shape.

Daily, I took the outer part of the stencil and held it up to my brows and used an eyebrow brush and some light brown eyeshadow to dust inside the stencil. I plucked them and eyeshadow-ed them for a few months. 

My favorite eye liners!

Looking for some favorite eye liners? Check out these favorites that I have used for years?

Maintaining after the Stencil

I soon become very familiar with my new brow shape – and stopped using the stencil. I pluck them and use a definer pencil daily to keep them looking their best! I quickly found that I preferred an eyebrow pencil to the brush and eyeshadow ordeal. (The eyeshadow worked best with the stencil – but I loved the pencil after the stencil.)


I have tried several different eyebrow pencils – and have lately found my all-time favorite! I have noticed that most brunette pencils are way too dark for my brows (yes, I have brunette hair, but the pencils were too much.)

Enter the Mary Kay BLONDE brow liner. This is an incredible pencil. The color is light, doesn’t overwhelm my brows, but definitely fills them in sufficiently. I LOVE it!

(If you don’t have a Mary Kay consultant, order from my awesome friend Kira!  The Brow Definer Pencils are $11 and worth it. They come in blonde, classic blonde, and brunette.)

Lastly, I trim my eyebrows every few weeks.  I didn’t do this before – and realized that that’s why they got bushy.  To trim my eyebrows, I use a cheap spooley brush and brush my brows upward.  Then I take tiny hair trimming (or manicure) scissors and trip the hairs according to the top of my brow.  If this is super confusing, check out this great explanation.

how to shape your own eyebrows 2
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