I love having virtual coffee dates with my readers! It makes me feel like I can actually see you and hang out with you. I really wish we could do this!

So, I am giving my readers free Starbucks coffee today! At 5pm EST I will be giving a free coffee to my readers via Instagram. Just follow me here and I will share a Starbucks barcode with my readers. It will have enough money on it for the first several people to have a free cup on me! (Hopefully this will let you grab a cup on the way home from work – or while you are preparing dinner!)


While we are having coffee, let me tell you a little about what is going on with me! I am currently in the middle of a sweltering summer here in the South. It gets so hot – like “I have to take a shower after walking to the mailbox” hot! I have been working out in my house a little bit to counterbalance the heat. I currently using this channel on Youtube for workouts. Anyone else use it? It’s really been a workout for me. So, I guess it’s working!

I have been watching a lot of Grey’s Anatomy lately. I never watched it when before, but somehow I just can’t stop. It doesn’t help that there are 1000 seasons to catch up on! Do people still take McDreamy or McSteamy sides? If so, I am totally on side McSteamy.

H&M tee shirtI just discovered H&M lately. I think I will take it on to completely research this store. I love it! I bought several of their $5.99 Tee Shirts and am so impressed by them! They don’t shrink, get tight, or lose their color in the wash. I can’t stop wearing them!

Oh! I have a new thing for my coffee. I have been adding caramel syrup (not the heavy syrup – just the light flavoring) to my coffee and I love it! Normally I don’t love sugar in my coffee – but this stuff is awesome! It gives me all the Starbucks – without going to Starbucks – feelings. You should try it.

If we were on a coffee date, I would tell you that I am really restless. I am patiently waiting for that day when something will change – either our living, work, or school situation. We have been patiently waiting for the Lord’s direction for years – and still nothing new has come along. We alternate between being patient and really stressed out. Praise the Lord that ultimately I don’t decide our future!

marriagemoreDo y’all follow Marriage More on their blog or Instagram? I love their Instagram for simple reminders about how wonderful marriage is. They shared this quote awhile back and I love it! Definitely check them out.

I recently implemented something really cool with my newsletter. When I send out the “welcome to my newsletter” email, I ask people to email me back and say hi! This has been so cool! Thank you to anyone who emails me back – and I have loved all our conversations :). I love hearing who you are and getting your blog links. If you want to send me your blog link, definitely sign up for the newsletter and then drop me an email. I love it!

Ok, I think this coffee date is over. My cup of coffee is empty and real life calls. Thanks for hanging out with me – and leave a comment letting me know how you are doing :). I miss hearing from my readers!

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