I so excited to reveal this wonderful thing – that is the result of a lot of planning and hard work! I have worked closely with Bre from Peacoats and Plaid and we have created the most unique blog project out there! We are so excited to announce…

The Intentional Life Project: creating community centered around making our lives more intentional.

One of my long-standing goals for A Modern Commonplace Book is to form a community. I don’t just want to be a random collection of web-surfers, but a group that grows together.

And, If you have read my blog for any period of time, you know that I try to share ideas that make my life better.  My tips – and pretty much my whole life – are pretty much my stepping stones to help me build healthier life habits.

So, my goal is to create a community where for one month, we can hold each other accountable for our personal goals – whether they are small or super life-changing. I want this to be an easy, feasible, way for each of you to tackle those goals that mean the most to you. Unlike most blog projects, this does not require link-ups, which means this is for every reader – not just bloggers!


Each month we will have a new theme.  In order to participate, all you need to do is create your own personal goal within this theme, and commit to tracking your progress daily for that month.  You will need to download our monthly goal tracker and show us your progress at the end of the month!  To show us your progress, simply share a photo of your goal tracker on Instagram with the hashtag #IntentionalLifeProject!  All photos submitted on the last day of the month through Instagram will qualify for the monthly prize.

You can join the Intentional Life Project at any time of the year – for as many months as you choose.  If you decide to join for more than one month, you can work on your current goal – along with the previous months’ goals – repeating them all to create lasting habits!

Additionally, if you love accountability, we will have weekly link-ups where you can share your goal, your inspiration, your tips, and your results!  Weekly link-ups will fall on every Friday.  These link-ups are optional – and will just help us see everyone’s progress! Monthly themes, link-ups, and reminders will be posted on both A Modern Commonplace Book and Peacoats and Plaid – as well as a rotating co-host’s blog! 

If you would like to co-host for a complete month, please email Bre at:

Stay tuned NEXT WEEK for the first post about February’s Goals! We will give you all the details and some inspiration as you begin tracking February 1!

The Intentional Life Project