I blame THAT kind of weekend on the fact that I have invested in my real life – not necessarily my blog life.  I got to see some awesome friends on a whirlwind daytrip on Friday.  (Shout out to Amy, Anna and Kit!)  I got to spend time with my husband.  I got to rest and worship yesterday.  Which means – I didn’t get to write, blog, or be social media-y involved.  That’s ok, right?

I have nothing planned for today – except to tell you I still exist.  And to thank you for stopping by – and for caring that I still exist.  You do care, don’t you?  Since you came all this way and are here surfing a pretty dull blog – I might as well leave you with something that will make it worth it.

I love these girls!  I watch their Youtube Channel religiously – and really want to share this one with you.  Girl Code?  We can all use some of that!  Have a great weekend!  And maybe, I will get my life back in order one day :).