Some of my favorite bloggers have put into words what all of us are thinking:  Pinterest told me to.  I love these blogs (Pinterest Told Me To, Mix and Match Family, and The Larson Lingo) because I LOVE Pinterest fashion ideas, and never know how to really implement them into real life.  These three blogs devote their first day of every month to Pinterest fashion, and I am jumping on the bandwagon.
Just a Brown Skirt...

This month I decided to pick an item in my closet that I rarely wear: a brown pencil skirt.  The skirt is part of a brown suit, but I usually wear the pieces separately.  And, to be honest, brown doesn’t seem to be a color that is on trend now.  Or, maybe it is “in” and I am struggling wearing it.  So – I pinterested “brown skirt”, and came up with some really cute outfits!  Take a look at these inspirations, and what let me know what you think of my versions!
Love this! Perfect for the summer.

Something I immediately noticed with all these outfits was that all the tops are tucked in.  This seems like a tiny (maybe not necessary) detail, so I decided to try it both ways: to tuck in or not?  I liked it better tucked in.

Also, these girls stuck with neutral colors – and allowed their accessories to carry the patterns and colors.  I LOVE neutral colors, but this is a good lesson that sometimes neutrals really are the best.  I actually don’t think a patterned top would compliment the brown skirt – nice to know!

I want to be her.

 1, 2, 3

Lastly, let’s talk accessories!  Summer scarves are very in now – and I love a good patterned soft scarf.  A statement necklace would also look great here – but sadly I don’t have any!  And, let’s not forget shoes and purses. I love the whole-toed shoe and boot.  It makes sense to have a dark heavy shoe on the bottom to compliment the dark on top. And that nude heel – it is divine.  It fits perfectly with her box-pleated skirt.  Look how long her legs look! Each of these girls has a clutch purse which I am totally into now!  I tried this with my red clutch and I love it!  All these accessories are slim-lined and dramatic.  Here it is better to have a few standout accessories than a few random small things.

just a brown skirt

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