Remember my #pinterestchallenge challenge? Yes, that’s redundant.

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Pinterest Challenge

Well, I am little behind the game when it comes to making these Pinterest Challenges happen. Today I am here to show you my #3 and #4 DIY’s. Well, they aren’t much of DIY projects – as much as little things that make me happy. You can see my challenge #1 here and challenge #2 here.

All of a sudden the word “challenge” looks really weird.

Last Saturday, I made my first 3-layered cake (challenge #3)! My husband and I have a huge weakness for Boston Cream Pie (like he asks me to make it every month or two…and currently I think I owe him 6 cakes), so I decided to double my recipe and make it in three layers. (You can see my recipe here.)

Y’all, this was HUGE success – and by huge – I mean towering. The cake is quiet large – and just as glorious as my smaller versions. And, I have a happy husband. Here is final photo my husband took – and there are a few photos of the cake in process on Instagram. It’s not the most beautiful cake – but definitely the most delicious.

_MG_9775 copy

For #4, I bought my first statement necklace. This doesn’t seem like a big deal to most of you – but I don’t buy jewelry often. And, when I do, it is small and dainty (like my heart necklace from Coco Wagner). But, I went big and bought the gorgeous Allegra Necklace from Stella and Dot. (You can order from my stylist Laurie Syphard here.) I know I kept with my love of black and white and didn’t branch out color-wise – but I really LOVE this necklace. (Sorry for the super blurry image.)

I know these aren’t life-changing challenges – but they have shown me that I am not a huge DIY person. But, I do love a trying something new – as long as it makes my life better :).