I think I am going to use my “Come Research With Me” series to find you the most reasonably-priced options in each of these categories! I have already written on the Classic Nude Heel, the Pencil Skirt, and the White One-Piece Swimsuit. I am thinking Autumn Boots are next…what do you think?


Just feast your eyes on these beauties. If anything screams “Ginny”, it is a glorious classic, Burberry and vogue. I know this is not a fashion blog per se, but what would this blog be without a tribute to fashion basics?

And, before my next fashion article, I have homework for you! I want each of you to head over to this College Fashion article on 15 Must-Haves and figure out your number…the number of must-have items that you already have! Come back here and comment with your number – and the top pieces you still need! I can’t wait to get your NUMBERS!

Oh, and my number is thirteen!

15 Must-Haves

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