If you haven’t noticed, lately this blog has been jam-packed full of big things. I am not complaining – but I just need a little breather – and enjoy some little things :).

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I have lately been overwhelmed by some small things that seem to make my life so joyful. The first thing – I have to share – is a song that has totally consumed me. It is not every day that a song can bring me to tears over and over again. It is also not every day I hear a voice like this. The world is full of voices – but this man’s is divine. I heard this song first on the radio, and since then have listened to it without ceasing. It is almost safe to say that I have never heard a song this beautiful.

I can’t listen to it without crying – and this video makes it even more powerful. Enjoy John Legend here with “All of Me”. BTW, the original black and white music video is absolutely gorgeous – and the girl in it is his wife. Talk about uber-romantic!
little things collage
1. I have been researching a new bag – and apparently a beautiful cognac bag is hard to find! I really want simple lines – not tons of handles and straps. I also want a roomy bag that doesn’t look like a huge tote. I think I have settled on this beauty (FRATTAPOLESINE) from Aldo. It’s at my budget of $50, and I really love it. Any other ideas?

2. I REALLY struggle waking up in the morning for some quiet moments, if I know I can lay in bed a few more moments. This results in me flying to work eating a cold bagel on most mornings. I wish I were joking. This week, though, I have found a solution. My coffee pot has an “auto brew” function, so I can set it the night before. I have been setting it early, so I have to get up. I’m not going to let that coffee get forgotten! So far, I have had some sweet moments with me, my coffee, and my current favorite devotional, Jesus Calling. Sweet times.

3. I have been quoting this frequently – as I tend to want to wish away these simple days. One day I will look back…

4. I don’t anything else about John Legend, but I don’t need anything else – just this song.

5. I mentioned these beautiful little pens recently, and I have to say, I adore them! They are delicate and slim – and magically make my handwriting look like art. This little pack is only $7.79 on Amazon. Love.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. And enjoy the little things. May we all…