I am always learning something. Reading something. Getting a new idea. Making lists of everything I am learning. Here are some things that are currently swirling around in my head!
everything i am learning

News Flash: I have discovered the BEST Starbucks drink. It is…drum roll…the iced coffee with milk and a shot of caramel. Yes, just an iced coffee. It is coffee, milk, and caramel syrup (and sugar optional) – not the bottled drink they also sell. For a tall, it is under $2, only 60 calories – and tastes just as good as the iced caramel macchiatto. I couldn’t believe this new thing. Seriously. I am currently telling everyone in my life :).

This series by Bon Appetit has me fascinated >> What famous people eat for breakfast. I am tempted to do a whole link-up for what people eat for breakfast. Just kidding…but really.

I watched everyone of these celebrity ice bucket challenge videos. Apparently I have too much time. (Oh, and my favorite video is here about the origin of the ALS #icebucketchallenge.)

I am LOVING this new site design that was released last week. Everyday I go back just to look at it.

I have bookmarked, saved, and read and re-read this “A Behind the Scenes Look at a Web Design Project” series by Elembee. If you are designer, it’s a must-read. (These are the only posts I’ve ever refused to mark “read” on my Bloglovin reel…)

I am researching small free CRM solutions for my freelancing. Lists like this make me happy.

I am back to making my own deodorant! I did this years ago – and have recently decided I am done with the aluminum. I was using HIGH strength Mitchum deodorant, and this homemade stuff is way better! This is the recipe I use.

Oh, don’t miss Target’s HUGE sale right now (I think it’s still going on?). This is the time I get all my t-shirts for $5 every year. Stop back by the blog on Wednesday for an AWESOME new Wardrobe Basics post all about Target!

Anybody else learning something new today?