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I just wanted to write a whole post about the lies we tell ourselves.  Actually, about the lies I tell myself.  I find myself repeating a few phrases to myself when I am trying to justify a purchase.  This post is really just me preaching to myself – but I thought I would let you in on the my thoughts :).

When I am trying to justify buying something I don’t really need at that moment, I tell myself, “Well, I’m going to buy it someday anyway!”  I use this one a lot – and have just starting realizing what a lie it is.  Even if I use this to persuade myself to get something I actually would get someday anyway, the amount I spend on a whim is usually always more than what I would wait to pay for an item.  And, if I am using this logic, I am probably not letting myself wait to think about prices, compare deals, or question whether I really need it.

Last year I made several purchases that were large – and turned out ok.  But, if I had waited, I wouldn’t have bought them.  I am trying to learn to wait it out.  Whims are our enemies, friends!

Another lie I use a lot is: “If I can’t have ___, what kind of life do I live?”  I don’t use this on large purchases – but if I am wondering if we should go out for dinner, or if I need another Target run, I use this (faulty) logic.  “If I can’t have a dinner out, what kind of life do I live?”  The truth is, my goal is to live a very controlled and content life.  I want to be able to be wise about purchases.  I love it when I don’t act on whims and am calculated in my judgment.  And, really?  Is there a more obvious way to show we feel entitled?  Yep.  I didn’t think so.

So, leave a comment today and let me know what lies you are fighting.  What kind of life do we live if we can’t fight together?