Last night I got to hang out with 3 awesome blogging women from Columbia! It was so fun to meet up at a restaurant and just talk blog. (Well, we talked about a lot of things – but I loved being able to throw around the words Picmonkey, Google Plus, and Bloglovin like they’re normal conversation:). Make sure you check out their blog sites below!

blog sites

Camille | Danielle | Me | Gaye

We didn’t take a lot of photos – but we did talk about the fact that we weren’t taking any selfies or food selfies!  We questioned Facebook’s loyalty to us.  We loved Gaye’s awesome blog business cards, and Camille’s “I just type in a URL and hope for blog post surprise” approach to reading blogs.  We learned so much about Thailand and Unsplash.  Ebooks, blog design, Google Plus, favorite blog sites, and Google stats are normal conversation, right?  We talked about the things we don’t blog about – and how we each consider our blogging privacy.  We ate good food – laughed about blogging stereotypes – and bonded over Picmonkey.  What more could anybody want?  It was perfect!