I know you all know Pinterest – and if you are like me – you use it regularly daily.  My first memory of Pinterest is of me, the laptop, and Pandora for hours engrossed in this thing that made my dreams come true.  Anyway, my ideas today come from a lot of thought and study.  I am convinced that Pinterest can work for you.  Yes, I am talking about blog marketing – but I am also talking about life.  Here are some of my thoughts:


I have about twenty million pins – and subsequently too many boards.  In the moment, naming my board “My Cozy Place” seemed like a good idea, but now those pins just sit there, forgotten. Instead, my favorite boards are the ones that match one of my needs.  I NEED to make a dinner with chicken, so I use my “Chicken” board.  (I know, that’s so unpoetic!).  I NEED to spend my 30 minutes wisely, I use my “30 Minute Projects” board.  My favorite?  My “Chocolate” board – because I am always looking for a new dessert!  So, wouldn’t it be great if we grouped our pins according to how we will use them, not like them.  Here are some ideas:  Remodeling a house?  Have “Bathroom”, “Entry”, and “Paint Color” boards.  Struggle with meal planning?  What about “Easy Dinners”, “No Bake Meals”, and “No Fancy Ingredients” boards?  Pure fashionista?  What about “Summer Basics”, “Fall Wishlist”, and “Favorite Splurges”?  These are the boards I would remember the most!
Make Pinterest Your Slave - 5 Ways to Make Pinterest Work for your Blog


Let’s be honest.  Too many posts on Bloglovin’ = overwhelming.  Reading miles worth of feed on Facebook = overwhelming.  Reading every tweet ever = overwhelming.  Having more pins on Pinterest = INSPIRATION.  It’s the easiest way to follow a blog and be inspired by their ideas, because everything gets stored and organized for you!  This is the only social media I don’t feel overwhelmed by.  Instead, it makes me just want to pin more.  So, when I follow you on Facebook, there isn’t a guarantee that I will read everything you write.  But, if I follow you on Pinterest, I will eventually come across all your ideas – and they will be there until I find them again! Moral of the story? If you can’t commit to following another blogger – follow them on Pinterest. Everyone will be happy!


I just figured this out.  I know, I am slow.  Pinterest has Community Boards – or “Best Boards”.  A board can have multiple contributors (by invite only) and there are super benefits.  One, you will gain a follower every time someone follows the board on another contributor’s page.  Two, this exponentially increases your number of re-pins.  Three, other contributors will be sharing your pins on their sites.  Not bad.  I created a Community Board for bloggers called “Blog Community Most Repinned”.  You can see what I wrote about it here and follow it here.  To join, please follow the board and contact me for an invitation.

Follow Ginny | A Modern Commonplace Book’s board Blog Community Most Repinned on Pinterest.



I have found that I pin things that are more dreams than reality.  Do I really need that Michael Kors bag that is upwards of $299? This is the problem with Pinterest – it keeps reminding us what we don’t have.  Instead, I think we need to face this beast head on and move those pins to their own “wishlist” boards. I love wishlists that serve different functions: all the neon running shoes I am researching / my future face wash dream products / statement necklace top picks.  All of these could go in their own board.  Read about a new nail polish on someone’s blog?  Add it to the board.  Now when you have $8 billed out for new OPI, you know where to look!


So, when I was prepping myself for a new blog design – I started a board called “New Blog Design, Please?” just for this purpose.  (Secretly, I wanted a designer to fall in love with the board and contribute to the fund.)  This board includes photo loves, fonts and blog inspirations.  This was perfect for when I actually started designing the blog.  This is a perfect way to pass off ideas to a blog designer!

I hope this doesn’t overwhelm you can cause you to quit Pinterest.  Instead, I hope you join me in making these social media time-wasters pay!  Let the inspiration come!  We are prepared to face it head on!

Oh, and please join almost a thousand friends and follow me on Pinterest!

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