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I can’t hide that I love Maria Menounos. I am reading her two books now (EveryGirl’s Guide to Life and EveryGirl’s Guide to Diet and Fitness) and what I love is that she is super down to earth. For a girl that has got it all together, she is really a normal girl.

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I love that even though she is famous with a huge following, she started small in a basement struggling to make a life for herself. She now has a banging body, but lost 40 pounds along the way, finding the best way to eat and exercise. And, for all of us who always say, “I don’t have any time”, this girl really doesn’t have time! She balances so many jobs and yet still finds a way to eat healthy and be practical.


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I love her book EveryGirl’s Guide to Life almost more than her newer book (that is all diet and fitness), because it has practical life advice. Things like, how to stack a day to get all your errands done at once. Or, how to keep a little black book of all your home’s details, passwords, emergency info. Or, to wash your hair in cold water to make it shine more. Or, to drink hot water instead of coffee to detox and refresh yourself. Or, how to have a wall of hair inspiration from magazines up by your hair dryer to inspire you daily. Seriously, these books are resources.

Anyway, I have been inspired by her rules of eating. When she first started losing 40 pounds, she had charts and lists hanging in her kitchen to stop herself from eating the wrong things. Her first rule is so simple – but so eye-opening for me. Don’t eat when you aren’t hungry. Really. I have caught myself NUMEROUS times walking into the kitchen only to find, I am not really hungry.

So, in an effort to also follow her rules. Here is a quick printable I made for myself of Maria Menounos’s rules for eating. I am taping mine on my cabinet door. Simple – yet affective. You can print yours here if you want it!


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(By the way, “food from the ground” means something grown – vegetables, fruit, nuts, etc. My husband at first thought that I had to punish myself by eating something off the floor first before I can have a snack. Haha! Not that I have any food on the floor :).)

The Printable:

maria menounos rules for eating

IMG_2272Eat just like Maria Menounos - Download your free Maria Menounos guide to eating here - A Modern Commonplace Book