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So, this post is in no way a paid post – or anything official. It’s just me in love with a toothbrush.

If you think toothbrushes are too unromantic for a blog post, you are welcome to skip. But, to tell the truth, I have never been more excited by a product than I have by this toothbrush. Well, that might be a lie. But, I am definitely not afraid to write a whole blog post about a toothbrush.


To give you a little backstory, I am an obsessive tooth-brusher. I brush my teeth maybe 5-6 times a day. All of my roommates (and husband) can attest to this – I love to brush my teeth. (I also have never had a cavity – so maybe it pays off).

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But the reason I brush my teeth so much is that I always feel like my teeth aren’t clean enough. There is always that feeling that I need to brush again.

Until this toothbrush.

I heard about Mouth Watchers toothbrushes on a Youtube vlog, and the reviewer couldn’t rave about it enough. I will try almost anything for $5, so I bought this pack for me and my husband.

I don’t even know where to begin. Mouth Watchers exceeds every expectation I have for a toothbrush – let me just summarize if for you:

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  1.   This is the softest toothbrush I have ever used – it doesn’t take a “getting used to” period.
  2.   This toothbrush FLOSSED MY TEETH.
  3.   Mouth Watchers’ toothbrushes have silver in their bristles, so they are antimicrobial – you don’t have to worry about germs living in there!
  4.   Let me say this again, the ends of the bristles are so fine, they floss your teeth.
  5.   The silver in the bristles have removed some up-until-now-impossible-to-remove staining.
  6.   The actual grip of the toothbrush makes my hand feel so comfortable (but that is a funny reason to buy a toothbrush).
  7.   I have since flossed, and my gums are a lot less sensitive and a lot more healthy.
  8.   Apparently, they last a really long time.  I haven’t had mine more than a week.
  9.   I will say, the biggest thing is that my teeth feel cleaner than when I go to the dentist – all day long.  Even after meals, my teeth feel like I just saw a dentist hygienist.
  10.   People that use an electric toothbrush, say that the Mouth Watchers manual toothbrush works better than their high-end expensive one.

You can read all about it on their website here. 

Please try this toothbrush – you will never go back.