Life Planner

I am the most practical person ever.  When I purchase something, I want it to pretty much accomplish about 50 goals.  I am incapable of buying anything that has only one purpose.  This past January, I got it into my head that I wanted a master life planner.  A MASTER life planner – something that would do about a hundred things and make my life like magic.  I made it my mission to find the perfect planner.  I just wanted a Calendar, Planner, Sermon Notebook, Bible reading plan, 10 Year Journal, Menu Analyzer, Exercise Journal, and Health Planner all in one.  Yeah, riiiiiiiiight.  This is what I wanted the planner to have:



  • Small to fit in my purse
  • Super adorable design
  • Daily Bible reading plan
  • Weekly section where I can add my “Currently” summary (see here)
  • Detachable Shopping List

Moleskin Life Planner

Everything I found was either tiny with just a calendar, or huge for a mother with four kids.  I just needed one.  For me.  And, I almost got one of the most beautiful Life Planners from Erin Condren, but couldn’t bring myself to pay $50.  (However, they are marked down to $30 now, hmmm.)

I finally found the best option for me.  It is the Moleskin 2013 Weekly Wellness Planner.  I got it for $22 on Amazon (*now it’s marked down to under $20 – linked below), and it pretty much does everything I wanted!  It has a very clear weekly planner with sections for exercises, diet, daily notes, weekly notes and words of the week!  There is tons of room for all the random things I like to write.  It is rather classic looking (not super adorable), but it fits in my purse and is simple enough for one person.  I write my menus in retrospect, and now I do the same with my blog post topics.  I use it for sermon notes, planning and daily Bible reading.  What I love, is that it has TONS of sections that I didn’t even anticipate wanting!  Here are some of the extra sections:

  • Wellness Planning
  • Monthly Goals
  • Food Calendar
  • Calorie Food Facts
  • Diet Notes
  • Recipe List
  • Body Therapy
  • Vitamins and Supplements List
  • Tabbed Pages
  • 260 CUTE adhesive labels
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