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You know all those things you've always wanted to do?  You should go DO THEM. -- Favorite quotes here at moderncommonplacebook.com | Quotes, Inspiration, Encouragement

So, I am not one to sit down and dwell profusely on New Year’s resolutions. Nor am I one to put a lot of weight on things that might make this “the best year ever!” But, I do love the idea of starting new. The idea that beginning Wednesday, the year rolls over and I can restart the clock! I don’t usually write down resolutions in a list – but I mentally think of everything that I want to improve and pick a few things to work towards. Here are some of my favorite New Year’s resolutions in years past:

  • Drink morning green smoothies – I still do this on and off
  • Use the Lose It App to count calories – still going strong!
  • Begin the “No ‘Poo” (no shampoo) method – lasted three months
  • Improve my kitchen organization (see items below)
  • Overhaul my makeup and beauty products supply – a great thing to do!
  • Begin a prayer/Bible journal
  • Complete the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred – done in WAY over 30 days 🙂
  • Find a solution for clear skin – this is on-going!
  • Find a solution for makeup organization (see items below!)

Instead of having to keep a resolution that I need to accomplish every day, I can instead work on broad goals to improve my life. Who doesn’t want to improve their life?

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