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I am all about STANDARD must-have kitchen tools.  Forget fancy, shmancy kitchen gadgets, these are my must-have basic kitchen tools.

My must-have kitchen tools

  1. I can’t live without my pizza stone.  I keep this in the oven at all times – and use it for cooking pizza, broiling cheese toast and cinnamon&sugar toast, cooking cookies – pretty much everything.  I kinda wish I had two!
  2. This cookie spatula was the first tool my aunt and mom gave me when I got married – it is a must-have.  It’s tiny, but brilliant.  I use this for cookies, brownies, bar cookies – everything.
  3. Good measuring cups are a must.  And I am spoiled by these heavy-duty All-Clad Measuring Cups.  They are an investment at $35, but the minute you use them you’ll know why.  Everyone who sees them marvels – worth it.
  4. Forget plastic mixing bowls -this batter bowl does everything!  I use it for mixing cookie dough, pancake batter, bread dough, pasta and green salads – everything.  And the lid makes it tote-able.  I use this more than any other bowl in my kitchen.
  5. We use this for steaming vegetables all. the. time.  It’s cheap and makes the healthiest veggies ever.  I LOVE steaming broccoli and tossing it Greek Seasoning – done.  Healthy and fast.
  6. Good ol’ George Foreman.  We don’t have an outside grill, so this is a lifesaver.  Of course I use it for burgers, salmon, chicken, steak – but I also use it for our FAVORITE paninis and pressed sandwiches (recipe to come!).  It is FAST and healthy (because it drains all the fat off).  This is a perfect size for two people – and they have many other sizes.

Do you have favorite kitchen tools?  Please share!

My favorite kitchen tools to make mealtime easier!
My favorite must-have kitchen tools to make mealtime easier!  Click for the best list of standard must-have tools that every cook needs.