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Here is all my (up-until-now) research about my favorite sunless tanners! I don’t spend a lot of money on self-tanner. And, I am picky about self-tanner! My normal tanning routine is to shower and exfoliate at night, and shower again in the morning. All opinions are mine.
A Review of Four Favorite Self Tanners - A Modern Commonplace Book

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion

Why I Use It:  It’s a classic.  It’s cheap.  It’s good.
Smell:  Normal – pretty strong.
Drying Time: 30 minutes?  I walk around and dry off before getting ready for bed.
Streakage:  Possible.  Sometimes it worries me.
Uniqueness:  Good fast color.  With glitter…I am glad the glitter comes off in the morning.
Price: $7.85 on Amazon
Overall: Cheap and predictable.  Hate the glitter!

Alba Botanica Natural Very Emollient Sunless Tanner

Why I Use It:  All NATURAL and smells AMAZING!
Smell:  AMAZING.  I would buy lotion that smells (and feels) this good.
Drying Time:  Same.  30 minutes?
Streakage:  Possible.  It doesn’t worry me.
Uniqueness:  No initial color – it builds and takes a few hours.  SMELLS AMAZING and is a thick awesome lotion.  Love the consistency.
Price: $7.24 on Amazon
Overall: Love the smell and consistency.  Still possible streakage.

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

Why I Use It:  Good everyday glow – not tan.  EASY: no evening tanning session
Smell:  Smells good!  Can use in the morning!
Drying Time:  None.  Like normal body lotion.
Streakage:  None.
Uniqueness:  It eliminates the need for a weekly tanning session.  Everyday does the trick.
Price: $6.79 on Amazon
Overall: Love the ease.  Not enough for a tan, though, just a glow.

MomTip: Use this hair dryer (that is taking the world by storm) to wash your hair at night, and style it in the morning! I sleep with my hair in a wet braid, and this hair dryer revives my hair and completely style it in under 10 minutes. It's a game changer.

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes for Body

Why I Use It: It is easier, and dries faster than tanning lotions
Smell: Less than the lotion, still noticeable.
Drying Time: 10-15 minutes, less than tanning lotions
Streakage: Still possible – I was surprised.
Uniqueness: The towelettes make the application very easy! But, it is also easy to forget a spot :).
Price: $7.99 on Amazon for 6 towelettes, Normally $10 at the drug store
Overall: Easier application than tanning lotions. A little more pricey for the amount. Doesn’t smell as good as Alba 🙂