So, if you have followed this blog, you must know all about the Intentional Life Project:). This project is all about creating steady, simple month-long goals. For my goal this February, I knew I needed to work on the amount of water I drink every day.

I have struggled with being dehydrated a lot this past year – so I know this needs to be remedied. I really do love drinking water – so I really just needed a game plan. The plan? My trusty Tervis Tumbler.

photoI have used a Tervis regularly for the past 6 years. I take it every day to work, and I LOVE it. I love how it seems small, but holds so much (24 oz.). I love how it is easy to clean – and how it always keeps my water cold. Here’s a tip: if you break your Tervis, take it back to Bed, Bath and Beyond (or send back to Tervis), and they will replace it for free! They have a lifetime replacement guarantee. Yep, I’ve done it! It’s great.

Because my Tervis holds 24 oz., I decided to drink three a day – 72 oz. – which is more than the “drink 8 glasses a day” rule. Y’all, this is an awesome goal! I have done it every day since February 1, and I already can tell that I am eating less (I am so full of water :)), and that my body is more “on track”. LOVE it.

-2Today we get to link up our February Goals for the Intentional Life Project! If you are taking part in the Intentional Life Project, we’d love for you to share your goal, your inspiration – or your favorite tips.

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