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I just wanted to let you know about my awesome new “workout at the office” habit. I have been using my “yoga ball office chair” – and it has made such a difference! I can tell that my back is aligned correctly – no more slouching at the desk. Also, I can tell my abs are tighter throughout the day. The constricting of my core while I site is like a workout freebie – I don’t do anything and yet feel awesome afterwards.

This is what my set up looks like:

yoga ball office chair

I don’t do it for the full 8 hours a day. I usually alternate between the ball and chair to space it out. I have read that too much yoga-ball-sitting can cause lower back discomfort.

Does anyone else think immediately of the mayor from Portlandia?


Make sure you get a yoga ball with a pump like this one!

yoga ball

Oh, and another thing? You can have bounce dance parties! The best.

yoga ball office chair 2