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Recently I had a fabulous conversation with a real-life friend and we bonded over the fact that we never pay full price. Ok, for my $1.80 camisoles at Forever 21 I pay full price. But for most everything else, I always find a deal. And by deal, I mean the lowest possible price – or I won’t buy it.

I realize that on this blog I talk a lot about “the most perfect pair of jeans” and “my favorite nude heel”.  When I link those items, I have to link the current prices.  But what I don’t tell you, is that most of the products I am talking about I didn’t buy at those current prices. I have several tricks up my sleeves to shop sales – even the gorgeous designer items that sometimes I am drawn too.


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1.  Ok, as a rule of thumb, I never even look at the full price racks.  I know this is crazy for some of you.  But, even at Target, I never even LOOK at those racks.

2.  I buy items a season ahead.  When stores change out their summer clothes for winter items, I stock up on the summer sales for next year.  This means I am trend behind, but I don’t care:).  I got about TEN tops at Target a few months ago that I will have for next summer.  They averaged $3 each.

3.  When I research an item and plan ahead, I buy them on Ebay.  Remember my favorite American Eagle jeans?  I didn’t even spend the $28 they are in stores (which is still really cheap!).  I got them for $10 on Ebay.  Last year I really wanted a Khaki Trench Coat.  Even though I have linked the same one here (which is a GREAT deal on sale for $107), I bought it on Ebay for $60.  And, also, my favorite wedge boots (which are in the picture above), are Steve Maddens for $179 which I got on Ebay for $70.

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Here are my quick tips for Ebay.  Be patient, and set up searches until you find what you are looking for.  Only bid on brand-name items that are new (or rarely worn).  Watch items, but don’t bid until the very end.  And remember, have fun!  See all my Ebay Tips here!

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 11.31.37 AM4.  My new favorite site is Poshmark.  This is like Ebay – but BETTER.  I have bought and sold from this website – it is totally legit.  It is like Pinterest meets Ebay meets a Designer Store.  Have fun!  Most items are name-brand and super cheap!

5.  Ask for SPECIFIC items for your birthday and Christmas.  I am addicted to Amazon Wishlists.  I wrote about them here – and wrote all my tips and tricks.  Whenever I find something new that I like (ie. when I am on your blog and you are ranting about your favorite moisturizer), I immediately add it to my wishlist.  This way, I have a reference when I need something new.  And, all my family has this list.  So instead of getting random items (which I also love!) I get the leopard flats, the pave square earrings, and the burberry scarf that I have been eying.  True story.  That is how I got my flats, studs, and scarf.

6. Goodwill.  This needs a whole separate post.  I have done some Goodwill shopping, but am able and willing to learn more!  We also have some consignment shops and second-hand stores that I love where I live.  I have found tons of items at these stores.  The same rules as Ebay apply here.  Shop brands.  Shop new.  Shop patiently.  It is worth it, people.

7.  I should probably include TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, because their motto is “Never Pay Full Price for Fabulous!”  I really love these stores, and don’t frequent them as much as I should.  I will say, they are fabulous for underwear.  I love a certain brand of bras (sorry for the personal stuff!) and I love to get them at Marshall’s because they are a third of the price.  I will say, even when I shop at these two stores, I still ONLY shop sale racks.  I am too cheap for their “already marked down prices” :).  Awesome new thing: TJ Maxx now sells online…YAY!

8.  Lastly, I only splurge when I receive money for a gift.  This is something that my husband and I have loved doing.  When we receive a birthday check, Christmas money, or a work bonus, it goes 100% to a splurge – either an item we want – or a vacation.  When I talk about my love of my Michael Kors bag, I should tell you that I bought it with some money I received.  It did not come out of my regular budget.  My husband and I took a fabulous trip to Miami Beach last year, and that too came from a special fund.  I really don’t like to use special money on groceries, Target shirts, and gas.  Seriously?  I want to look back and remember how AWESOME that gift was!  At the very least, I want a good pair of shoes out of it!

You know how people do OOTD (Outfit of the Day) posts?  I should just do posts telling you where I got each item that I am wearing.  For instance, today I am representing a Consignment Store, A Seconds Store, Two Birthday Gifts, and a Splurge Gift. Shop sales, people!

That’s how I shop, folks!

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