I am happy to introduce Gabby, one of my newer sponsors!  Her post joins the 12 Days of Christmas series.  Read them all here!

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12 days of christmas - 6I am Gabby, over at Gabrielle Orcutt Photography and I create heirloom images of glowing mamas, sweet smelling newborns and the unique love language of couples. My creative outlet is showing a woman her true inner worth and beauty by seeing herself through my camera, not the mirror staring back at her. You can follow me and my adventures here:


Megan 300x300 blog adI wanted to start our own Christmas ornament tradition. Everyone has something that declares it is officially Christmas time…Black Friday shopping…crafting at your Grammy’s with your cousins the Saturday after Thanksgiving…advent calendars…elf on the shelf…It wasn’t like we were lacking in holiday traditions; Scott’s family has quite a few since he comes from such a large family and I have a handful that I hold near and dear to my heart as the years pass us by.

I honestly can’t remember what sparked the idea. Maybe it was coming across all of the ornaments at every island we stopped on during our honeymoon. Thankfully, I decided to create our tradition right then and there: every vacation/weekend trip that my husband and I journey on together, we come home with an ornament that will go on our tree. I try to pick ornaments that are a good representation of the locale we visit or maybe it was an amusement park we had conquered. If the ornament does not state the location, I write it on the back with a sharpie and I also add the dates we were there.

Our honeymoon was a week-long cruise. We boarded the ship in Puerto Rico and made stops on 4 islands: Aruba, Curacao, St. Marten and St. Thomas. Our Christmas tradition started off with a bang, and 5 ornaments were added to the collective we acquired as kids. It is fun to pull them out and remember the moments we have shared. It’s even more fun to answer my daughter’s questions about the ornaments.

Gabby resides in Rockton, a small town in Central, PA with her husband of 5 years, Scott, their 3 year old daughter Lily and 3 fur kids: Izzy (Olde English Bulldog), Jabroni (Dachshund) and Binky Lu (our kitty rescue).