A Modern Commonplace Book

Let's grab some coffee.

I just really want to know how you are doing. Are you struggling to balance your job and your kids?ย  Is getting your groceries on the table a chore?ย  Do you really only just want one free minute all to yourself?

Are you exhausted from just living your life?

Me too.ย  Let's do this together.

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How to Stop Meal Planning: Part One

Disclaimer: I am hoping this post doesnโ€™t rub anyone the wrong way!  I have GREAT respect for people who meal plan, and this is by no means a โ€œbetter approachโ€.  It is just my humble, personal approach because I know what works for me.  If you struggle with menu planning or even wanting to cook […]

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Why a Modern Commonplace Book?

When I was young my mother gave me a little red notebook.  She included an article about the bygone phenomenon of the commonplace book.  I loved the idea of a little place that I could keep all my random thoughts – my favorite quotes, a list of favorite mascaras, my favorite paint swatch.  These topics […]

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