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How to Live Without Sugar

I finished my month of no sugar! I wrote about it in the beginning of April – and am so happy to be done. I definitely did not do it perfectly – and really struggled with it. Here are some of my thoughts: I decided to have a “No Dessert Challenge” rather than a “No […]

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Saturday Morning: A Bit of Real Life

Good morning! I wish you could see me right now (or not!) because I am sitting here with no makeup on, drinking gallons of coffee, trying to figure out where to start. This week has not gone according to plan – and if you know me, I don’t handle “no plan” very well! This blog […]

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My 2013 Life Planner

I am the most practical person ever.  When I purchase something, I want it to pretty much accomplish about 50 goals.  I am incapable of buying anything that has only one purpose.  This past January, I got it into my head that I wanted a master life planner.  A MASTER life planner – something that […]

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High Five for Friday

It is hard to have a joyful day when so much of America is hurting.  My good friend lives in Boston, and I have been in contact with her.  I am praying the manhunt ends soon!  My prayers are with everyone who has been affected by this. Guess what was on sale at Kroger?  And […]

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