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Just a brown skirt

Some of my favorite bloggers have put into words what all of us are thinking:  Pinterest told me to.  I love these blogs (Pinterest Told Me To, Mix and Match Family, and The Larson Lingo) because I LOVE Pinterest fashion ideas, and never know how to really implement them into real life.  These three blogs […]

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Mexican Quinoa

This has been my lunch for the past 6 months, no joke.  When I find something I love I make it every day, ad infinitum!  It is so good, warm, flavorful, and healthy!  Quinoa is a superfood that, although it is very grain-like, is akin to the spinach family and is super high in protein. […]

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This weekend has been quite cold for the first days of spring – and I love it!  It is perfect for staying in, having a warm mug of something to drink, cuddling up, and enjoying life.  These are my favorite kind of days, and I miss them come summer.  On days like this, I try […]

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Just a little note! Until now, blog readers have been able to use Google Reader for all their blog-reading needs :).  But, there is (sad) news about it retiring in July.  There are many options for blog-reader replacements, but my favorite so far is Bloglovin. Bloglovin does a good job transferring over your Google Reader reading […]

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