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How are you doing?

Are you hanging in there? Struggling to balance your job and your kids?  Scared about current news? Trying to be the best mom you can be - while being totally terrified?

Me too.  Let's do this together.

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Easy Shredded Chicken For the Week

When I was a newlywed five years ago (!) I was struggling with easy, fast dinner recipes. I work full time and I run out of ideas (and energy) to make a meal 7 days a week. I posted a quick “please give me your favorite recipes!” post on Facebook, and on that wonderful day, […]

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How To Be Picky on Social Media

In the spirit of not comparing myself (and of simplifying my life) I have started weeding through everyone I follow on social media.  This isn’t the easiest task – but sure is freeing!  I find myself following bucketloads of people because of blog giveaways, and then discover that I have hundreds of strangers coming through […]

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