I have mentioned before that my husband and I are obsessed with Really Useful Boxes. Yes, that is what they are called.  These boxes are like Rubbermaid boxes on steroids.  They are made in the U.K. and we have found they are THE boxes when it comes to organizing and storing everything home-related.  We are of the mindset that when you buy something, you buy the best…even if it means a little more money.  These boxes are really the best.  They are a little expensive, but I will show you how to save money on them.  This is the Really Useful Box website.  


Here are some facts:

  • they are incredibly durable
  • they are stackable
  • their locked handles clasp the secure lid
  • when stacked, they hold incredible amount of weight
  • they last forever
  • they are constructed of Polypropylene
  • they have a working temperature of -15°C to +80°C.
  • they have a super loyal customer base (see tons of five-star reviews)
  • they come in every size possible:




We have just found that these boxes are perfect for everything.  We like to be consistent, so they are the only boxes we use for storage.  Because they are expensive, we only buy one or two every month or so, when we feel we can splurge.  You can buy them on Amazon here, but we like to get them from Office Depot when they have their  sales (save $10 on orders of $75 ).  They also have free shipping over $50 – which is awesome for these boxes :).  I know you can get cheaper boxes at Target  – but they are also cheaper in quality.  This is just our favorite option for a high quality box.  In our opinion, it is totally worth it.  By the way, this post is is no way sponsored by really useful Boxes – or in affiliation with them.

Here are some pictures of how we use them in our house!  If you can believe this, these aren’t even all we have.  We have a few more stacks.  Haha.  Let me preface this by saying that our rental house doesn’t have a working attic.  So, most of these boxes are in an empty bedroom we lovingly term, “the garage”.  Hence the mess.  You can go ahead and tell me that we are crazy with all these boxes.   Enjoy!

The 17 liter is perfect for CD’s and DVD’s.

photo 1

We use them for cleaners and bottles.

photo 1-2

Our favorite sizes are the 32 liters and 64 liters.

photo 2-2

We use them for childhood memorabilia.

photo 2

I have a few in my closet (again, making use of space because have pretty bad storage).   I keep shoes and some bags in this one.

photo 3

Some for filing and just a lot of stacks.photo 5

More stacks in the “garage”.photo 3-2

They are the best for Christmas decoration storage (see my post here with more Christmas organization tips!)

photo 4