I am the most proud on Memorial Day.

I come from a military family and it is so easy for me to love and respect our incredible country and military. But sometimes I forget why.  I forget the incredible privilege it is to be an American.

I was talking to some internationals last week, and explained the reason behind Memorial Day. And, that’s when it hit me.  It is rare for a country to be consumed with as much patriotism as exists here in the States.

  • We have a military to be proud of.
  • We have a military never leaves anyone behind.
  • We have a military that gives everything.
  • We have a country that is defined by our strong patriotism.
  • We give our citizens the freedom to take a whole day to honor those that have served our country.
  • We LOVE America.

This is something I pray we never forget. I know our country screws up. I know we doubt our leaders.  I know there are always periods in our history where we as citizens are terrified of what might come of our country.  But, may we never let humans and human weakness deter us from pure, unadulterated patriotism and the love and respect our military deserves.

We have been watching the series Band of Brothers and The Pacific.  If you haven’t seen these, I would recommend that you grab a box of tissues and sit down and let your heart cry for those who have sacrificed it all.

Today I want to honor my two grandfathers, my father, my two brothers and all those who have served our country.  Thank you.

This is the song I always listen to when I want to be patriotic.  It tears at my soul.  Enjoy.  CLICK TO LISTEN