Instructions to Remove Poop from Baby Clothes (that will change your life)

NO ONE tells you how hard it is too clean poop off of clothes. I thought I just needed that Dreft spray (which does nothing btw) and all would be fine. Um NO. Within the first week I had a pile of clothes that were SO DIRTY and I almost just threw them away I was so frustrated. Luckily, my mother and grandmother were in town and helped me find a PERFECT solution.

There are so many systems for doing this – creating a paste, letting air in the sun…I don’t have time for any of that.

This WORKS every time. I don’t have any clothes that have stains on them because of this. Enjoy!

What you need to remove poop from baby clothes:


  • When something gets stained, spray the OxiClean on the stain
  • Put the clothes (already sprayed) into the bucket
  • Add a little bit of the Biz into the bucket. I usually fill the cap to the first line.
  • Add water above the level of clothes to soak over 24 hours.

I leave it by the washing machine and just keep adding clothes to the bucket whenever there are new stained clothes. Then, whenever I do laundry, just dump the bucket contents and soaking Biz water into the machine, add your other laundry and wash as normal (adding regular detergent etc)! ALL CLEAN.

I’ve left clothes in there soaking for a week. As long as the water level is high all is fine.  I have found that the clothes need to soak at least for 24 hours.

Stains I have been able to get out:

– Stains that were washed and dried.  If the stains were not removed, I just soaked them again and got them out the second time!

– Stains that had soaked into the clothes for SIX days (from vacation). While on vacation, I carried the spray with me and pre-treated the clothes. Then, when we got home six days later, I soaked them for 48 hours and washed. The stains were gone!

– Stains that did not remove the first time. I repeated this whole process and they were removed.