My Must-Have Essentials VITAL For Every Working Mom.

I love finding favorite working mom hacks – and bringing them to you! With so many products out there, it’s so hard to know what works and what doesn’t. This is a pretty extensive list – and I will keep it updated as I find new favorites. Enjoy!

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Every Working Mom Needs…

Apple AirPods: I am going to sound like every blogger and YouTuber when I say – you need these AirPods! They are the ultimate mom hack – and allow me to listen to a meeting, walk upstairs to get my daughter’s snack, and not skip a beat. Also the re-chargeable case makes them a mom’s best friend.

August Bluetooth Headphones: I also love these bluetooth headphones so much. When I was breastfeeding, I asked my husband for bluetooth headphones that were comfortable (as opposed to the Bose ones that give me headache. Anyone else?) – and I also didn’t want them to be sound-deadening. That freaked me out – not being able to hear my child. He did the research and got me these – and I use them all the time. I’ve even been asked by a man in Starbucks what kind they were – because they look cool. Totally recommend.

A 6-foot long charger: I don’t know what I would do without this 6-foot long charger. I usually have this ultra-long charger stretched out across the play room – and it is PERFECT. Totally a must-have.

IKEA Lap Desk: I looked for a lap desk for months – because I needed an easy way to work on my lap while I watched my daughter. I was not expecting this $6 IKEA plastic lap desk to be super comfortable and exactly what I needed! I use this for hours on end when I work in the car or house – and it is still as comfortable as the day I bought it.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer: THIS is how I get it all done. I cannot rave about this mom hack enough. This Revlon One-Step hair dryer has shortened my hair prep from about 30 minutes to about 10 – from wet hair! Also – I can wash my hair at night and use this to completely do my hair in the morning. I’ve always wanted to be able to skip morning showers! You have to check out Amazon’s over 8,000 near perfect reviews. It is the product of the year.

The Regalo Baby Gate: This baby gate is more of a resource for you than your kids! We have used this baby gate for years – and it has been an instrumental tool in teaching my daughter to play by herself. I stated off just being in view – and letting her play in her room for a few minutes. Now, a few years later, she is allowed to get all the toys out (yay?) and will play by herself for up to an hour or two. She loves it – I am completely in view – but it allows me to work and for her to have independent creative time. I make sure afterwards that we go outside and do something active! But, this baby gate has been a huge blessing when it comes to working at home.

One-a-Day Journal: I discovered this One-a-Day journal a few years back – and bought it on a whim. I am horrible at journalling, and didn’t know if this concept would “work”. Basically, every night before you go to bed you write one sentence about the day – what happened, what you were feeling – a memory. And that’s it. You do this every night – and then after a year you repeat the same process for a new year. And – you can look back on last year to see what happened “this time last year”. I am now on my third year – and I can’t tell you how precious knowing these memories has been. I hate that I didn’t do this years before to keep those memories. Start today – no need to wait!

Crock Pot Liners: I discovered these crock pot liners when I was expecting our first baby because I had prepared a ton of freezer slow cooker meals for after she was born. These liners are incredibly handy because there is NO MESS or cleaning of the crock pot afterwards. Also – on Amazon they are less than $1/each which is way cheaper than the store. (Just FYI this is my favorite crock pot ever. I love it because it tells you how many hours the high and low settings are set for.)

The Dinner Daily Weekly Meal Planner

The Dinner Daily: The Dinner Daily is hands-down my favorite paid-for meal planner. You can ask all my family members – I’ve talked their ears off about this planner. It is only $4/month – and they send you customized meal plans that match the sales from your local grocery store. Also – they allow you to mix-and-match the 5 dinner recipes with any from their repository – so you never get a recipe you don’t like. This meal plan has given me so much sanity!

This is why I like this meal plan:

  • I pick my 5 meals in about 10 minutes
  • I take the grocery list to my local grocery website (Walmart is my favorite because it’s free!)
  • I order the ingredients with my weekly shopping list.
  • The next day I pick up my groceries for the next week – for all my meals!

Right now you can get 2 weeks for free to test it out.

Brilliant Resources for Kids

KiwiCo: I know you’ve probably heard about the KiwiCo subscription company from all the bloggers – but there is a reason why it is SO awesome. So, my husband started buying this for our daughter over a year ago – and we have bought every month – we weren’t given any freebies. The subscription is so great because it uses the STEM process (science, technology, engineering math) to give you smart, hands-on activities to do with your child – for all ages. We love it because my husband watches my daughter a lot while I work – and it gives him activities that are more than just “go to the park”. (He’s an engineer and loves how it teaches her so much.) It’s perfect to provide for your babysitters – and also for grandparents to give grandkids! Click here get 30% off your first month.

Little Tikes Water Table: I LOVE the freedom that our water table gives me to work – while my daughter plays with this water table. I set her up in our backyard with the water table – toys – and a little makeshift sandbox, and I can sit on my camping chair – watching her – and work for hours. It’s great for extended periods of work time!

KidKraft Play Kitchen: This play kitchen is another awesome toy that my daughter plays with for hours. I love the freedom it gives me to work while she occupies herself with independent play. We also bought her this play food from Melissa and Doug – and she loves to make me “chicken muffin pies” all day. Win-win!

Time Management Resources

Le Tote: I started using Le Tote when I was pregnant – and I fell in love! There are a lot of fashion subscription services out there – but not many for just renting clothes. That’s right – you don’t have to buy the outfits they send you! Instead, you rent their clothes for a month – with an unlimited number of boxes per month. This is an excellent service for working moms who don’t have time to shop. If you are pregnant – their maternity boxes are AWESOME! I made sure to rent some dresses for baby showers and nicer events. Also – I loved receiving new jewelry and accessories when I felt fat and uncomfortable! Definitely try it out – Get your first box for FREE.

✅ See my complete review here!

ShoeDazzle – It’s the “Netflix for shoes” and every mom’s BEST FRIEND. I love this subscription because it sends you a curated showroom every month – with shoes starting at $10! But – there is no obligation to buy. Also their style are insanely cute.

👠 Get your first style for $10 here!

Target Same Day Delivery: Once I got pregnant – and the summer got hot – and my daughter couldn’t stay away from the toy section – I had to stop my fun weekly Target runs. Sad, I know. But, I was super happy to start using Target’s Same Day Delivery! This has made my fun Target shopping hauls just as fun – and it gives me an excuse to shop online. Check it out and if you don’t have time to shop.

Amazon Subscribe and Save: Subscribe and Save is my eternal lifesaver. I use this Amazon monthly subscription to order everything – diapers, soap, makeup, coffee, toothpaste, toilet paper… I love that some items come every month – some every 6 months. Also – if you have Amazon Family – diapers and baby products are up to 20% off when you use Subscribe and Save. It is EVERYTHING.

Walmart Grocery Pickup/Delivery: My life is too busy to grocery shop. I currently have a toddler and a newborn, and just walking through the grocery store makes my back hurt. Wal-Mart Pickup and Delivery is the ONLY way I function nowadays. I just order my groceries online – and then pick them up in my free time – with everyone staying in the car. It’s a FREE service – but use the code WOWFRESH for $10 off your first order of $50 or more.

Free Resources for Pregnant Moms

Lucie’s List: My favorite baby product review site is Lucie’s List. They are the ONLY site I check before buying baby products – from car seats, to kids’ shoes, to travel gear. I trust what they say 100%. Also – they have THE BEST newsletter that customizes their emails to your child’s age. So I get summer and toddler emails – during the time it’s summer and I have a toddler. Seriously, you have to sign up.

Free Baby Products: One of my favorite companies – Mother’s Lounge – has given me a coupon code just for you. For their BEST baby products – for free! I can’t wait to share this with you! Mother’s Lounge offers the most awesome baby products – nursing covers, baby wraps, nursing pillows, baby onesies and books! And right now, they are giving you any of these items for free.

Just click any of the links below and use the code 98BF59 for your free items. This code is just for my readers and you can’t find it anywhere else! You might have to pay a small shipping fee.

Just click any of those links above and use the code 98BF59 for your free items!

Must-Haves for New Parents

The Medela Breast Pump: When my daughter was 7 weeks old, I was rushed to the hospital with acute pancreatitis. I stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks – and during those weeks – every 3 hours – I pumped. I couldn’t see my daughter, just held a photo and pumped. Again, a few months later I needed surgery and pumped for 4 weeks. Each of those times, we adjusted back to breastfeeding fine. But, the Medela Breast Pump was my eternal lifesaver. It is hospital-grade, and I easily adjusted to and fro with it from the hospital. Also, the parts are EASILY accessible. If you need a breast pump recommendation, I definitely recommend this one.

Baby Booster Protein Powder: This prenatal protein powder is a recent find – and I can’t stop drinking it. Not only does it taste absolutely amazing (and I’m normally picky about protein powder), but this one has all the prenatal vitamins you need for your baby – and it’s approved by OBGYNS as a good prenatal supplement. I had to include this because it is making me feel 100% more confident that I am providing the right nutrition for my baby. I use it with my Magic Bullet which is my favorite way of making fast smoothies.

OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover: This is a really random item – but if you have babies it is a LIFESAVER. I discovered the magic formula for removing poopy stains from clothes – and it includes this OxiCleana bottle of Biz – and a cheap bucket. This process removes stains that are days to weeks old – stains that washed and dried into the fabric – and stains that are yellowed from age. This is the ultimate baby hack that is a huge time saver! Get the full directions here.

Travel High Chair: This mom hack is pretty self explanatory. We love using this travel high chair when we go on trips – because it gives us a place to seat our child when we need her to be stationery. For instance, I love using this when I’m drying my hair – and I give her books and toys to play with on the tray. And of course – it’s perfect for feeding her. I also love having a second high chair for play dates.

The Nuna Pipa Carseat: This is a random baby item to include – but the Nuna Pipa is my favorite carseat hands-down and I totally recommend it! We love how safe it is – it conforms to the EU’s and Canada’s safety standards which are stricter than the US’s, and we love how sleek and light it is. I don’t want to be lugging around a bulky heavy car seat! If you are looking for the best carseat out there – check this one out.

Blogging Resources

Looking for ways to update your blog design that just take a few minutes? Check out my free checklist here and get 50 EASY ways to update and improve your blog right now!

Genesis Framework and Themes: If you are a blogger, you probably have checked out hundreds of free and paid themes for your site. I love the Genesis themes the most – because they are strong, and completely updated and reliable, and have the best support. Start here if you are looking for a good theme.

BluChic Themes: All that said, for my latest update I opted for Bluchic Themes and LOVE them! I have the Victoria Theme, and their support and Boss Lady themes are rocking my world. Totally recommend.

BigScoots Hosting: I have used 4 different hosts – and have also been a blog developer who worked with more than 10 different hosts. Hands down, my favorite is BigScoots. Their support is outstanding. Their plans are incredibly reasonable and FAST. I can’t recommend them enough. Definitely check them out before you look for competitive dedication server hosting plans with other companies. When I recently moved over to their host (for 1/3 of what my previous host charged), they sent me a report showing that my site increased by 67%. That’s insane – and incredibly good support.

ConvertKit: Looking for a robust and easy-to-understand email marketing system? I have tried a few – and no other email marketing system works as well as ConvertKit. Their automations take a load of my back – and also allow me to respect and not spam my subscribers. Instead I can customize my emails according to what my readers are interested in. I also have much higher open rates than I did with other marketers. Try a free trial here to see if they fit your site.

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