A Modern Commonplace Book Stats

Something weird is going on at A Modern Commonplace Book.

This post is going to be a little wacky – and I apologize for the blunt honesty!

But, please keep reading.  I need your involvement on this one!

Just to be super honest, as bloggers, we all kind of know each other’s stats.  We know them because we post them under the guise of “sponsor/pr/advertisement” generosity.  Who are we kidding?  I know we are checking each other out :).

Anyway, A Modern Commonplace Book is new – and I am used to 75 views a day – maybe 150 on a really good day!

Then I wrote the post “Trader Joe’s Grocery List and Menu Plan (Under $50)”.

And that changed everything as I know it.  I am not kidding.  If you click that link, it will show you that that one post has 823 pins.  WHAT.  If you pinned this, THANK YOU!  This blows my mind.  Just the fact that 823 people have seen that one small post is really mind-numbing.

My stats started climbing STEEPLY and within one week I reached over 4,000 views in ONE day. 4,000.  That is amazing, but I find it hard to believe!

Me?  4,000 in one day?

Here are some things racing through my mind.

1.  How is this possible?  Besides the fact that Trader Joe was pinned to infinity, the BLOGLOVIN response has me befuzzled.  If you check on Bloglovin, A Modern Commonplace Book has 192 followers (THANK YOU for those incredible 192!).  But, every day for the past week, I am receiving OVER 2-3,000 views from Bloglovin.  For that one post.

Over 2-3,000 EVERY DAY just from Bloglovin.

I really don’t know if this is possible.  So, if you are listening, Bloglovin, please help me out!  Is my post listed somewhere secretly that I don’t know about?  Any ideas?

2.  Is this how it works?  Those additional 3,000 views are not really sticking around.  My average time per visit is 44 seconds.  And my bounce rate is over 80%.  I really don’t expect for this boom to make my blog a master blog.  But, I would like to know if this response is a typical “Pinterest” response.  Are their any tricks, fellow bloggers, to engage people who just stop by?

3.  I feel safe with Incapsula.  I might be worried if my blog is being the newest stomping ground for robots out there.  But, thanks to my new alliance with Incapsula, I am 100% confident in the security of my site.  I am doing a review of Incapsula soon, but if you haven’t seen it, check them out!  This security system is awesome, and I am pretty sure, because of them, that I am not talking to robots – but to people!

4.  This leads me to YOU – the PEOPLE that read this blog!  Whether there are 40 or 4,000 readers of this blog, I want to know you!  I would much rather be enjoying a friendship with people named Chelsey, Jane, and Steve, then be counting my VPD (views per day, ha).

So, who are you?

Are you here because you are a mom needing new recipes?  Are you a student who gets bored on the internet and ends up here?  Are you a new business looking for a new way to advertise to the blogosphere?  Are you a DIYer?  Are you a homeschooler?  Whoever you are, I want to know!

Leave me a message and let me know you are a human!  Let me know what you like to read – and how I can really provide fun and beneficial info for you.  Let me know your names and your websites.  Let me know how I can help YOU.

More than anything, please let me know you are not a robot!

(Love you all.)