This is going to be one of those weird posts that people won’t understand. And, I probably will regret putting it out there – but I can’t deny the truth. I shave my face.

Now, I don’t mean I take a Gillette and shaving cream to my face. I ain’t no guy. Instead, I have found the perfect (for me) way to control facial hair.

If you are totally grossed out, just skip this and I will see you back here tomorrow for way more pleasant things :).

I have always had to have some sort of facial hair removal. For so long it was monthly facial waxes (which if you want to know, Gigi Wax is the best – and I get it at Sally’s Beauty Supply or Amazon.  But, I really hate waxing my face. It’s so time-consuming and unpleasant. And, because I only did it every month or so, my face would get fuzzy in between times.

Enter, the facial razor.

Ladies, deal with that facial hair...learn to shave your face the right way. #beauty #tinklerazors #facialhair

I discovered these facial razors via the MM&L Show – and had to try them out to see if they really worked.  The MM&L Show is one of my favorite Youtube channels, and Laura (the “L” of MM&L) is a cosmetologist – so I know she is smart about which products she recommends.

I have been using these razors for over 3 years, and use them about once a week.  You just hold a razor at 45 degrees to your face (dry – no shaving cream or nothing) and use short strokes to brush away all the fuzz.  You have to go lightly and carefully, but just few brushes and you will see all the fuzz just coming off.

I do have a few darker coarse hairs that I pluck – but this takes care of all the peach fuzz.  The hair does not grow back darker and because the fuzz is light hair. The whole process is the best exfoliation – and my face is so soft when I am done :).

The razors are under $5 on Amazon – and are so worth it.

If you are interested, you have to watch these videos.  They explain the process so much better than I can, and answered all my questions.  Enjoy!

Can’t see the videos? Watch them here and here.