must-have beauty products

This is the age where beauty products cost hundreds – even thousands of dollars. I’m ok with paying more money if the product is worth it. But so many products aren’t worth all that cash. I have a few staples that cost under $7, and LOVE these items that don’t cost an arm and a leg! Enjoy these little life-changing favorites!

  1. I’ve talked about my little $3.69 face razors here before – love them so much!  Curious about shaving your face?  Read this first!
  2. This is the MOST AMAZING nail polish remover.  I hate fighting to get my nail polish off.  And this stuff just comes off in a breeze.  Seriously.  I love this stuff.
  3. I swear by this $3.99 top coat.  I’ve gone through 2 bottles – love it!  (Read about my favorite $5.99 at-home gel manicure here!)
  4. I use Goody’s little spin pins everyday.  From putting my hair in a bun – to sleeping with my hair up.  These things are bobby pins for your bun!  Brilliant.  I own two packages and often use 3+ pins per bun.  Love.
  5. Curious about what body brushing is?  I use this body brush to brush off dry skin and tame cellulite.  Read all about it here!
  6. I love my $3.99 hair brush.  Who needs an expensive hair brush when this thing is magic?  Read my post about it here.

Have a favorite cheap beauty product? Leave it in the comments below!

6 Cheap Beauty Products That Have Changed My Life