Sundays are our days for rest.  And worship.  And rest.  And family.  And rest.  We work so hard all week – that by the time we get to Sundays, we crash hard.

sunday night prep night

But, we also love a good prep night, and we have started using late Sunday nights as a fast blitz prep night for the week.  We wait until late – after 9:00 pm – and we BLITZ to prep for the week!  We only take an hour or so, and it is so helpful!  This allows us to wake up Monday morning with a fresh house, and a fresh perspective on the week.  My husband and I have different things that we accomplish in that hour – and together make it the best-used hour all week.  Weekly, our chores change, but this is a little checklist of what we try to accomplish in that one hour:

  1. Put away all stray piles
  2. Clean up countertops
  3. Vacuum if necessary
  4. 1-2 loads of laundry
  5. Me – 5 Minute Facial (scrub, mask, moisurize)
  6. Me – prep my snacks for the week (hard-boiled eggs, no-bake protein bites)
  7. Husband – clean up desk

That’s it!  It’s not a huge list – just enough to make Monday morning so wonderful!  Do you have a prep day or prep night?  Please pass along any tips for making a good use of this “get me ready for the week” hour!