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You think I’m kidding. And. I’m not :). Who in their right mind writes a post about their favorite trash cans? Well, this girl of course! No, I am not paid to say any of this – and my favorite trash can company Simplehuman doesn’t know that I exist. We can keep it that way. That’s fine.

I didn’t know a trash can mattered so much until we registered for a Simplehuman kitchen trash can for our wedding. I had always used whatever trash can happened to be in kitchen – and never thought about spending money for the best trash can. It’s just a trash can.

simplehuman trash can

But my slim Simplehuman can has changed that quickly. Now, whenever I actually have to touch a lid – or open a cabinet – just to get to the can, I truly appreciate my “no touch” system.

The slim version of the Simplehuman (there are a lot of types) fits easily into corners of our kitchen, and still is wide enough for a full trash bag. We’ve had it for 4+ years, and it still looks new – that plastic is pretty! My favorite thing though, is the foot pedal. I don’t have to touch anything when I have messy hands. And, when I am taking out the trash, I don’t have to manually remove a lid. Favorite, I tell you. We’ve discovered that the $39.99 price tag is well worth it.

Oh, I forgot! It has wheels on the back so I can roll it anywhere – which is great when I need it near the sink to peel carrots or potatoes. Pretty swell.

Oh, and if you need a good tip for getting your trash bags – I always get them at Lowe’s – they are $9.99 for 100 bags. That’s my other favorite trash bin secret!