I am a dreamer with a very small budget.  When I read about a new product, I usually research it, consider the pros and cons of purchasing it, and wonder when and if I can actually buy it.  It might be months before it is in my budget, or never.  This is the philosophy I use for large items, but also smaller items, like that new lip color I have heard so much about.  But, I need a list that keeps all my ideas together until the right moment.  Hence, the wonderful and smart Amazon Shopping List.

I am a faithful Amazon shopper.  I love Amazon Prime, and can often find beauty and household products on Amazon for a fraction of the cost.  But, Amazon Shopping List has made my life even more wonderful.  Let me show you.

Amazon has three Wish List options: Wedding/Baby Registry, Wish List and Shopping List.  I use the latter two.  Wish List is a public list that is accessible by friends and family (made possible by their Friends and Family Gifting concept).  It’s so great – we have used it for Christmas and birthdays in our family.  If I come across something that I would love for a present, it goes on this list…and stays there until I receive it, buy it for myself, or change my mind!

My favorite is the Shopping List.

This is a private list that serves as my personal reminder of things I want to try.  If I hear of a life-changing shampoo, I immediately go to Amazon, look it up and add it to the list.  I might not even look at Amazon’s cost, because I will do a cost comparison before I actually purchase it.  I just want it on the list to jog my memory next time I need a new shampoo.  I use this for new cosmetics, nail polish colors, clothing and shoes, specialty grocery items, book titles, organizational and kitchen products…the list goes on.  Sometimes something seems so necessary for life, but after 6 months I realize that I really don’t need it.  Or, if something is on the list for a year and I still desperately want it, it’s a sign.  It waits until I am ready.

Amazon also has a downloadable button that allows you to add items from any website.  It’s brilliant.  I can find something on the Bath & Body Works website, add it, and look up my list next time I am in the B&BW store.  Ah.  I love this system.

Gone are my days of post-it notes and jots on random pieces of paper.  And, I feel so smart using a system that is friendly on my budget.  It’s perfect.